Dangerous Goods By Air Awareness

Online Dangerous Goods by Air Awareness course has been designed to meet the training requirements of all helideck personnel including general cargo acceptance personnel, passenger handling staff, and security screening staff, (categories 7, 9, 12 and 15 in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations).

The course takes approximately 45 minutes to compete and gain the relevant IATA Dangerous Goods training certificate. It provides the mandatory overview of Dangerous Goods awareness so that helideck team members can identify which items classed as dangerous goods are accepted or prohibited for carriage by passengers or in their baggage, and to help identify items that may be out of place or not properly declared.

This training has been designed to meet the dangerous goods prerequisites for helideck crews for both the Helideck Operations Initial Training (HOIT) and MCA Large Yacht Training Syllabus for Commercial Helidecks.  

The course consists of 6 easy to follow video lessons followed by a multiple choice test.  The lessons can be taken on PC, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. 

 The lessons cover the following subjects –

  • Dangerous Goods Applicability
  • Limitations
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  •  Marking and Labelling
  •  Emergency Response
  • Documentation